Monday, October 31, 2005


Judge Alito is discussed
here in "Underneath Their Robes," one of my favourite sites. And sights.

I have no time -- life is sucking. Two briefs and an argument, all in one week. I haven't gotten to bye bye harrietttttt, nor have I gotten to scooter, the possibility that he used his "press reports" dodge because he never thought reporters would give him up to the prosecutor, and the ever-dwindling possibilities of rove as next Pope [although I foresee no indictment of Rove, or further meaningful discussion of him by prosecutor]. I have had no time to discuss the Nats and the extension for Bowden. I have had no time.

I have had time for a little meaningless sex, but staring down at a heaving bosom while listening to her moan sorta sucked, as the bosom was mine...

I quit drinking, and I still take this kinda picture!

Someone told me at this party that Cheezygoof and all her pals were cute. I agree...

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Satan Sings


Phil & Andi were unable to attend, as they were moving...

but Phil sent his ambassador:

[it just seems like MDMA].

Johnny Sharples was unable to attend, as he was making Brooklyn music with Elvis. And Cassie Gnow.


Grahame tickles that hussy, known by her initals as "SG" ...

Then, we rolled:

They should outlaw drugs.

Oh; wait ...

blur, baby -- Rogerian Youth

youth, once upon a time ...

A Good Time

was had by all...

Friday, October 28, 2005


The Times is reporting that Scooter Libby is off the short list for the Supreme Court...


I haven't read or seen anything returned today by the grand jury. But I did hear most of this man's press conference. And everything I heard sounded just right. Every word, as delivered, appealed to me. I like this man. I like his style.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Bye Bye Harriettttttttttttttttttttttt

Sources in Ellicott City inform me that Ms. Miers has withdrawn her nomination.

Damn. Now we get Luttig or wilkie or [heaven forfend] Edith Jones....

Scooter Libby is off the short list, btw ...

Monday, October 24, 2005

And I Love Her


A Telling Dream

On the related subject of women and dating generally, I had a telling dream.

I won't bore you with all the details. Suffice to say that the dream began, and I was newly-in-love with a woman. She was a woman who was very like an ex-girlfriend of mine [let's call her "Cheyenne"].

As the dream progressed, it became very clear that she was VERY like "Cheyenne." Then, characters, including other women from my life, started to approach me and said "she's just like Cheyenne. Execpt nice."

I began to realize she WAS exactly like "Cheyenne." Except nice.

By the end of the dream, she was "cheyenne's roommate, they had identical histories, and even "Cheyenne" was telling me "she's just like me. Except nice."


Damned Broads

Now that I have reentered the world of the living, and am back "out there," I have again encountered something that really steams me ...

These damned broads who have an orgasm or two and then are just "done," leaving me high and dry. They wanna roll over and sleep, or watch some sappy tv show.

I want to snuggle and feel loved. And remove m y rawks, as it were.


Saturday, October 22, 2005


btw, the scores have melody lines, full treble and bass charts, guitar, guitar tab, bass line, and drum part. purty kewl...

I Feel Pretty Stupid

I opted to use my Borders coupon on this book.

When I went to to "borrow" this picture, I found my "25% off" Borders purchase price was

$10 higher than Amazon's. Amazon's, with free shipping.


25 % off one item

go. go


Thums Down

I think Robert Ryan was a poor actor. I don't like his stuff.

Of course, I ripped his photo from a website celebrating his service in Yugoslavia during WWII, so I am a shithead.

But I don't like his film performances...

Friday, October 21, 2005

A Necessary Ingredient

... in my decision to stop drinking.


I own a twelve-string just like this one. And a five-string Hamer.

I am become the anti-Christ...

Precision, heal me!


They've locked up my cock!

The Award-Receiving Grahame Davies

I love this man.

get yer mind outta the gutter -- not in *that* way...

My Interest

ALL of this is a discussion of old news, and who cares anyway -- you all just want naked pictures of Tom and his GoldTop. But since you're reading ...

So much of the discussion of the war and the administration still breaks down into Yankees-red Sox talk -- there are folks predisposed to hate and question, and folks predisposed to revere and defend. You know this describes you. And as much as you feign objectivity or analysis, you know which side you fall on, you know you give it your best shot, and you -- of course -- still think that you're right. So the overwhelming majority of commentary on the war leaves me a bit cold, because it doesn't appeal to the analystical in me [I have my own Yankees-Red Sox predispositions, and I add to them my layer of idiocy].

I currently have one prevailing interest -- whether the senior decision-makers in the decision to go to war had strong information and/or strong presumptions that S. Huss*in had no biological, chemical, or nuclear weapons [or a burgeoning program in any of the three areas]. While I opposed the war before we went, I have always said that an error on my part -- IF S. Huss*in had WeofMaDe -- left little room for error, and that I couldn't become exorcised about a decision to go to war over them, even if I thought the unintended consequences would be startlingly adverse.

So now I want to know if any of the big cats actually thought there were no weapons, and pushed ahead, presuming [as the cats always do] that we are just too stupid to understand the importance of [fill in the blank -- whatever the cats think is important], or too lazy and unwilling to sacrifice for [fill in the blank -- whatever the cats think is important].

That's what I currently care about.

I'm just not too excited about them exaggerating their case, as it was clear at the time that they were doing it. I'm not too excited that they wanted to undercut their critics, including J. Wilson [although I'll get excited if I learn they violated law in doing so -- I like the rule of law, and love its even-handed application (well, to others than m'self, o' course)], especially when critics are equally heavy-handed and exaggerating in their criticism. I'm not too excited about lots of the pre-war bullshit -- provided the decision-makers hadn't concluded that there was little likelhood of WeofMaDe, and were pushing forward.

I will later address my criticism of their conduct of the war. THAT was a clusterfuck of untold proportion, and should have seen this bunch summarily booted from office in 2004. But I like to keep these things neatly bunched, and I dislike folks who [rightly] understand how badly that was handled just assuming the decision to go was handled in the same way.

Such assumptions aren't crazy, though, are they?

Thursday, October 20, 2005

I Was Wrong

Boy, did I feel stupid when I worried that Jonathan Winters had a heart attack.

Shame on me...

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

More Naked Broads, Fewer Judges

This would make for a more interesting site...


Hair and bass can change, baby. Hair and bass...


"Moving you was a lot more like migrating."

-- Phil Ricche


Please Please Me, Redux

Please leave a comment with your current favourite beatles song, and why.

I just need to know.

My current, for the last three minutes, is "Please Please Me." In addition to a rocking little number with some very cool instrumentation, a thudding bass line, and nifty vox, the picture of an immature John Lennon and Paul McCartney giggling about "getting away' with dirty talk in the song just gives me a nice smile.

Did I mention it's a rocking little number...?


Look to the post below, to our beloved Lord and Saviour.

You KNOW that he had to be the Sun of God [or was it "Son of God"; I forget ...] -- he was the unique blue-eyed semite from Bethlehem.

God had to set him apart. And once the rabbis mutilated the tip of his Jesus-Winkie, the eyes seemed the best place to distinguish ...

I know this -- I am a biblical scholar.


I'm feeling a LOT better now.

Let's check the qualifications --

(1) a woman [good, at least until she "hits the wall" -- but I digress].

(2) a managing partner of a large law firm specializing in litigation. Jesus Christ, this qualifies you to be a MAJOR FUCKING ASSHOLE, but I'm not sure that it goes beyond that. Managing partners can be, and frequently are, the Hulk Hogans of their environments...

(3) Speaking of Jesus Christ -- she likes him more now than when she was young. When she was young, Jesus was okay [though a bit of a rabble-rouser], but Jesus's mother was a biggie, as were a bunch of saints and some old guy who lives in the Vatican. Now it's 100% Jesus, 24-7. Thank God [ha ha]; that's a meaningful qualification to be on a court in a nation whose first enumerated guarantee of personal liberty includes the right to be free from an establishment of religion. This is a good thing.

And she's not going to change.

Whew; I was nervous about that.

Well -- they've convinced me. I'm voting for her!

I think public confidence in the Court can only be enhanced by this ...

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Clarity is in the eye of the beholder....

Chicks Dig the Long Ball

Pujols just KILLED that pitch!

these disappointed Astros fans asked "What were you THINKING?" of Lidge ...

I Love My Dotter

Jim Saah

This man is a gifted photographer.

I urge you to visit his website, and consider hiring him if you need professional photos, particularly performance photos.

I'm not putting any of his work up, because i haven't asked for, nor obtained, permission. You can visit, and take my word for it...

Monday, October 17, 2005

Appy Polly Loggy

Sorry about the word verification crap for my valued commenting friends -- the SPAM has become too much...


I'll confess to minor disappointment in The Curse of the Were-Rabbit. I think I found a bit too much plot, and a bit too little Wallace and Gromit. I needed more newspaper headlines and more things on the wall. Good, but not up there with Trousers or Shave, imhEstimation...

The shitty theater we saw it in didn't help. For anyone who hates megaplexes and laments the loss of little neighbourhood theaters -- try going to one sometime. The odors, and scratchy, blurry projection, are not quaint. They're just crap.

Not that I'm defending the big chains -- I'll attack them soon. I promise.

On a lighter note -- it was better than the strip bar I attended. My guest and I were disappointed by (1) the tattoos, which are not our thing, and (2) the absence of baseball on the wide-screen TVs. Who watches college football when the ALCS is on? Of course, what kind of homo cretins watch the wide-screens when the naked broads are parading around exploiting us?

Changing Opinions

"Don't you wish there were a knob on the TV to turn up the intelligence? There's one marked 'brightness,' but it doesn't work." -- Gallagher

If this guy really said that, I'll have to raise my opinion of him substantially.

Friday, October 14, 2005

An OutShout to Tara

So how come you never post???

Redheads are welcome on this bad boy...

Breath Mint Denied

Well, on Tuesday the Supremes gave the Mule a victory in one [essentially meaningless] case. Let's keep our fingers crossed on the meaningful one the conference is coming up ....

" ... baby, baby, where did our love go?"

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Okay, I kid.....

Decent Chance

It seems to me there's a decent chance of Harriett Miers being rejected by the Senate.

"Decent chance" being undefined, I've got a good shot at being right [and yes, I note that "good shot" is also undefined. DAMN this language ....]. But she inspires no one, has no known consituency, cannot prove that she is ideologically pure to the rightest of the right, will offend the leftest of the left if she says anything reassuring to the rightest of the right, reinforces charges of "cronyism," and is altogether not good looking enough to get "Access Hollywood" on her side.

I think I shall support her, strongly.

Late, Late

I like this guy's show a LOT:

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

For Those Who Question

Anyone who wonders why muleboy is such an a-hole, just remember what he does for a living.

It makes your head hurt...

Which One Would You Vote For?

Harrietttttt and George redux

Word has it Harrietttttt is proving even ... LESS impressive ... in initial interviews with Senators than she appeared before those interviews.

All I can say is .... "Wow!"

from a Lady Friend

Upon receiving this picture ---

my lady friend inquired:

"Why do you keep sending me pictures of your buddies in the Secret Service?"

Some people have a lot of fun

They work 'til they're 79, doing something they love!

Others work into their 40s, doing work that ... frustrates... them.

But they, too, have a lot of fun!

Snap out of it!

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Friday, October 07, 2005

It's Here

My friends got a gig acting in a new indie film....

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Katrina Gothic

from Operation Eden

Scroll through Operation Eden. It gave me a much stronger sense of the devastation outside New Orleans. New Orleans is known to many of us, but the trailers of Pearlington are not ...


I may be a blessed man.

I believe that

(1) my latest brief is in an envelope, winging its way westward [usually, it's a late-night trip to the post office] ----- AND the SG is filing my GoPac brief today [two in one day is a lot by any stretch of the imahginazione];

(2) tom'w, I have no pressing work, and the rest of the office will be out;

(3) I may be lucky enough to see



(4) Monday is a legal holiday, and I shall not be working.

Keep yer fingers crossed on the two shows; I'm pretty sure the holiday is a lock.

btw -- is Rickles Bob's dad, or what????

finding digs for Rickles may be tough, as -- alack and alas -- the Ventnor condo has gone on to that vast real estate deal in the sky .... maybe it'll be a Watson hit 'n run, come-back-that-night affair!

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Aw, Jeez

Do I have my hands full, or what?