Sunday, April 30, 2006

Ohmigod, people will hate this

Can you picture a fat fuck like me in this thing?

E-Bay has unleashed a fury on the people of our nation's capitol.

RFK -- a sea of red...with one patron!

WE Hold These Truths . . .

As many of you know, I immensely disliked Bill Clinton and his administration -- I found him a Nazi regarding the Bill of Rights, particularly Amendments One and Four. I found him distressingly like me in his personal foibles, particularly his ability to compartmentalize, and believe what he needed to believe, but my problems with him were not because he banged a subordinate in the mouth [although he and his administration explained to me how important it was to combat that, and to change the rules to allow greater whacking of his head, but I digress . . .]. He and his folks were Nixonian in their methods of dealing with opponents; it was always striking that they hated Nixon, but the methods were okay since their motives were pure, don't you know.

I also immensely disliked Boosh, and my dislike was even stronger on a visceral level. But the outlines of his intended policies in 2000 didn't get me up in arms, and I didn't think that the overriding agenda of being unlike Bill Clinton was the worst thing I'd heard.

But this cat was not at all unlike Bill Clinton. The Bill of Rights seems to mean nothing, Congress [who, after all, represent with some immediacy "the people" -- US] means nothing, and

what got me going this morning

if you disagree with their policies, if you smoke dope, if you seek an explanation, you are

in league with the t*r*ori*ts, and killing the boys and girls in uniform that we've sent into horrific circumstances.

Being critical of the President, any President, isn't just sport, or carping -- it's America. It's why the country exists -- our energizing principal was to break the yoke by which a leader whose decisions we disagreed with directed us. We snapped the fucking yoke, and we shouldn't be forced to wear one ever again.

They use the laws that were passed in a time of national crisis, sadness , and anger, to stop pornographers and dopers, and they warn God-fearing Americans to fear God, and their retribution, for being critical.

And, as both the men pictured so strikingly demonstrated, they do it because they think they're doing good and right.

Friday, April 28, 2006

The rock is important. Even if performed in a basement by aging buffoons.

The universe is better when the rock occurs.

There will be rock.


Keep your eyes out here, or lemme know if you want it on disc.

plus, it'll be comin' to ya over podcasts...

Haven't Gone Fishin'

Well, folks, I've been missing, but I haven't gone fishing.

I've been doing some particularly distasteful work.

Unless you consider helping send a fine Christian lad back to Ir*q because it's now safe "tasteful."

Now, while I'm the first to wish ill of Christians, even I'm not so loathsome as to derive pleasure therefrom.

ANYWAY, what's probably more important is the losing streak of the Nats [after all, there are billions of Christians, but only one Nats 2006 Season!].

they've GOTTA get an owner.

I know; its players on the field, they won't change, blah blah blah. but the black cloud brought by baseballs 29 other owners sits on our head, weighing down our every move [how would you like to be owned by BOTH Peter Angelos and George Steinbrenner?

Speaking of which -- nice picture of Angelos up there, isn't it? he leaps well. But I digress ...

Anyway, one good announcement [see my next post, whic probably appears above].

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Criticism of Our President

Today's Washington Post had two editorials that i found instructive, particularly since they weren't rabid polemics, but were thoughtful pieces critical of the fundamental flaws in Boosh.

Robert Samuelson takes on Boosh for the absence of a meaningful domestic agenda as we encounter genuine peril ahead, calling for difficult decisions. It is a criticism I had of Bill Clinton [like only Nixon could go to China, only Clinton or another similar baby-boomer democrat could face up to Social Security -- baby boomer must lead the reform, etc.], and one I share of Boosh, who had ppular support for doing difficult things, and pissed it away. A nuanced, thoughtful piece.

In another piece,Max Hastings offers a view why, with increasing micro-management of the military by political leaders, criticism of [and sacking of] Donald Rumsfeld is more easily explained. It's offers a historical view that explains why the practice of retired military may be changing [in ways that are not explained by Yankees-Red Sox leanings...].


The most beautiful fucking day in the world, a day game, with the Nats taking on Bronson Arroyo [a pitcher I wanted to see], and I'm

sitting in a goddamned office staring out the window, and typing 'til my back hurts.


Of course, i now see that the Reds are up 4-zip.

But I should be there. This season's going to hell [I hate Bud Selig and the owners. Hate hate hate hate hate hate hate], and I feel i can't do a damned thing about it...

Monday, April 24, 2006

Owner Better Get It Cranked Up

Well -- I can now say that I've attended the best-attended Nationals game in history, and

the worst-attended Nationals game in history.

8:05 is a horrific time to start a game, and threats of rain [and rain-outs the night before, etc., blah blah blah] don't change a thing -- there were barely 21,000 people there last night.

Time to get on the stick, Bud, name an owner, and let's get crankin' . . .
So -- even the vaunted google/blogger/blogspot can have technical hiccups now and then.

if I ever find I can't get it up, I'll remember today and feel better...

Goddamned Technical ...

Arcsgvsx hgsg.m %$^#*&$%%^$#^@^%!$

This Man Is A Genius

Sometimes the dog really does eat the homework.

-- Daniel Kurtenbach

[told in reply to my woeful tale of being unable to hate my editor because my coputer somehow lost a draft on which I was working...].

Sunday, April 23, 2006

boo, hiss

baseball games should not start at 8:05 pm.

nationally-televised or not.

young love and young love II

good results...


obviously a rocking family . . .


You know, the DC suburbs of Virginia and Maryland breed tough guys . . .

Friday, April 21, 2006

CBS Owes Me

They've gotten very creative with lawsuits, over there at ol' CBS.

They've sued Howard Stern for over $300 million for talking about Sirius Radio on their airwaves, when they had a button.

I'm gonna get creative.

I'm going to sue CBS for foisting Mike Farrell on me for eight years.

Today's Eischen

As reported by the Washington Post:

"If you're in a battle against another man, your physicality is a lot of your mentalness, you know?"

Gahd Bless Him!

My Delicate Sensibilities

I wanted to scan and post Intentions flyers from the good old days.

The problem: of those I've retained, the first couple'a years were mostly my designs.

And I now find them offensive and without redeeming value.

One is too pornographic even for my tastes.

And what can you say about a flyer that cites Hamilton Jordan? I mean, Carter's chief-of-staff? Talk about aging.

Plus the flyer with the Pope in a cross-hairs -- but in my defense, it was a year before that whacko took a pop at him.

A pop at the Pope.

Well, when you wanna name your first album "Fun Without The Pope" [and do so without your bandmates' approval], you've pretty much lurched into hell anyway...
I wish I were more adept and could figure out how to post a tune to blogspot.

Maybe cheezy knows?

Songwriters -- Your Favourite Composition; Musicians - Your Favourite Recording

To the songwriters here: what is the favourite song that you've written?

Not the best, just the one that -- at this moment -- is your favourite.

I shall leap, even though only two of you ever hear these:

(1) Owe Nothing

(2) The Lie

They are not my best, just my faves.

Please come through here -- I'm not trolling for blog action, I really wanna know.

Oh yeah -- for all musicians:

your favourite of your recordings??????


(1) The Lie
(2) Jet


Now that you can buy an iMac bundled with Windows XP for around 13 large, or you can buy a mini [if you've got screen, etc] bundled with xp for about $675,

why exactly would anyone replacing a computer not buy a mac?

Homage to a Fellow Blawger, Sandra


Not really

I was going to write: "I'll be gald when my habit of working insanely stupid early-morning hours ends."

But that's not true -- when it ends, I'll be dead. There's no way i can stop doing this; it's my nature.

Mr. B would instead be asleep.

I, on the other hand, can't work from 5:30 - 9 pm, no matter how hard I try. So I find myself working from 2:30 am until something's done.

Damn I stupid.

Go Nats!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

My Kinda Paul, Chicago Is

Here is my kinda Les Paul.

Or maybe this one:

Mister Parker is a Genius

Among the reasons he's a genius is his following advice:

Watch Anthology in reverse chronological order; they get younger
and happier.

Grahame's Ostensible Preference

If tomanonymous is to be believed.

Leading me to inquire:

what are your preferences between Fenders and Gibsons? More specifically -- Strat, or Les Paul?

i vastly prefer the Les Paul, largely because I am such a shitty player. I can actually play the sucker, sorta, and the same can't be said for Leo's spawn.

My first LP, the Pro, is my favourite guitar in the world.

And I love my monster Hamer too...

The Mekong River

How did they ever make it?

Standing near the intersection of the Saigon and Mekong Rivers...

And then standing in my progeny . . .

Daydreams, and Nightdreams

Rock Portraiture V
It's awfully disconcerting to work with a transcript that keeps referring to the petitioner's friend "Wang Chung."

That goddamned song gets stuck in my head...

Boo, Hiss

Eric the 'Alf A Bee is no fan of Bobby.

No fan at all.

Despite his soaring rhetoric from '65-'68, his behaviour during the '50s and '60s was of a driven, rank opportunist.

Oh, yeah -- you don't like cronyism? Try these cats ....

He banged some good tail, though.

My Go-To Quote Machine

"I fucked around and walked two hitters," Eischen said. "I was being a pussy on the mound."

Joey Eischen on his performance in the Nats' Wed. night loss.

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

ya know, if you rub your genitals in just the right way, it feels really good.

the result: paroxysms.
I believe the Juvenile Buffoon was in attendance at all those events. Ontario Theater, McDonough Arena, the Bayou...

1979 all...

More Dubster Rawk Portraiture IV

Wally Wails

More Dubster Rawk Portraiture III

Strummer Struts

More Dubster Rawk Portraiture II

Petersson Poses

More Dubster Rawk Portraiture

Dickens' Mr. Bumble:



I think Boosh may be missing the point: when you have a "shake-up," you're supposed to bring in outsiders. You're not really shaking things up much when you just move the chairs in which the same people are sitting...

It sucks to be five-and-a-half back on April 19. . .

I know that I threatened to begin my podcast a few months ago -- well, the discovery of some lost Razz and BMB materials makes that more likely now. . .

I'd like any EL-34, Crowd Scene, Rustbuckit, Black Puss, John Sharples, or Broken Promise recordings that anyone would like to disseminate oh-so-gently on my not-listened-to podcast....

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes had a kid. Don'tcha hate that fucker? . . .

I've now seen the film She's The Man twice! . . .

Melvin Laird contributed to an op-ed piece in today's WaPo. Who knew he was still alive? . . .

Can anyone watch George Will without becoming hypnotized by that freakin' hair? . . .

I love the whisker biscuit...

I'm not sure how George Martin, Geoff Emerick, and the Beatles got that drum sound, especially the snare. Damn ...

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Mas Spectacular Que Los Otros

The Bwookwyn Mawauder and the Woodbridge Wocker wock the howse.


Mi Linda Susana

Ahora, presento la linda Susana:

Jestaplero & Dubsterricious, Berlin, 1998

Pop Quiz II

lease read the following review, and then let me know if you can identify the film.

If so, WOW are you fucked up!

In spite of its confessional parts and cheap production this already misunderstood, sometimes bitter comedy is plenty of excellent depurated comic situations with the calculated gag timing carachteristic in [name withheld] and in many points [name withheld] go a step upper taking the film to a higher grade of abstraction than his previous films ( for instance, the previous scene to that we see [name withheld] disguised as a clown while delivers the mail as reivindication of the importance of artist in society ,in which we inmediatly understand the repercusion of his menace against the pompous society who says to despite artists and comics just in the moment he go out from the shot leaving alone his perplexed postman partner and a tremendous and reiterative noise is listened at time the images literally trembles ). Moreover, the film is full of subtle visual narrative details and its structure hardly worked as occurs with all his previous films as director.

We have here a [name withheld] sharper than ever, revolted against a sort of critics and a public who have 'punished' this sensible and imaginative artist with false prejudices and ridiculous ' cliches ' ( and this is probably the part of the film that produces perplexity or confusion to whom watch the film the first time: commentaries that are, for other part, perfectly integrated in the story and for this reason these scenes results ambiguous )and so creative and funny as in his best films.By the way, don't miss the parody to John Travolta and his film " Saturday night fever " ( [title withheld] is from [date withheld] )that is more than a funny gag : [name withheld] is again incisive with an industry that creates myths without consistence nor substance.

For those who say to love the previous films of this innovative and experimental comic director( and for that who don't too) and didn't enjoy with this film I highly recommend them an attentive revision of it.

Again, please don't resort to the 'net...

Pop Quiz

Without referring to IMDB, or to any other internet searching, can you name the televisions show referred to here:

Rick Ely as
Jeremy Larkin
Lou Gossett as
Isak Poole
Hilary Thompson as
Elizabeth Coates
Alex Henteloff as
Henry Abington
Philippe Forquet as
General Marquis de Lafayette

If so, you're as fucked up as I am ...
being such a geek, I worry that you will think ill of me:

I have come to like your later usage.

I was happy to learn of our consistency with the Greeks.

They like the back door, you know . . .

Usage Note: Throughout most of its history in English myriad was used as a noun, as in a myriad of men. In the 19th century it began to be used in poetry as an adjective, as in myriad men. Both usages in English are acceptable, as in Samuel Taylor Coleridge's “Myriad myriads of lives.” This poetic, adjectival use became so well entrenched generally that many people came to consider it as the only correct use. In fact, both uses in English are parallel with those of the original ancient Greek. The Greek word mrias, from which myriad derives, could be used as either a noun or an adjective, but the noun mrias was used in general prose and in mathematics while the adjective mrias was used only in poetry.

I Am Working On It, Cheezy . . .

Securing and controlling borders is integral to national defense and national security.

The United States have expansive national borders with Mexico and with Canada.

Conferring citizenship upon everyone born in the United States is desirable and good.

Citizens of foreign countries who sought to enter the United States lawfully through the visa process are disadvantaged if immigrants who entered illegally are afforded access to lawful permanent residence; the number of new lawful permanent residents has been limited for almost 100 years.

If immigrants who entered illegally are afforded an advantage in seeking lawful permanent residence, it will encourage aliens to emigrate illegally to the United States.

If illegal aliens have spouses or children who are citizens of the United States, separating them would be harmful and wrong, and against our national interest.

Exploiting needy immigrant workers who will work for low wages inhibits the development of better methods of doing the work. See tomato breeding, agricultural changes, and changes in California’s economy due to changed immigration policies...

I don’t know how to reconcile all of these, and myriad other thoughts on immigration.
I’m working on it.

Jason Reitman Brings it

I found this flick hi-effing-larious. intelligent without being self-consciously cerebral, cheerily cynical, well-performed.

I'd like three Maria Bellos, please, no ice...

Katie Holmes even brings it.

It's also a movie, not a film.

And it's 92 minutes long -- just the amount of time needed to hit it out. Not a towering shot, but a liner that clears the fence.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Immigration Fears

As a European, I may not have the best insight into your American immigration problems. being dead a long time hurts too.

But I think the country has been caught up in a fervor of anti-Mexican, anti-Spanish-spaking, "latin" fear and resentment.

I, for one, would fear the silent Canadian invasion.

Canadians have nearly as long a border to silently dismantle as the Mescans do. And the Canadians are a stealthy bunch.

They silently overwhelm our pharmacies, only to later overwhelm our minds.

And a mind is a terrible thing to waste.

** snort, snort **
I am pleased that our venerable founder and leader, mister watson, showed his pretty face this weekend, even if only to complain about his telephone.

Even though he has reduced himself to commenting about plants, and birds, and rocks, and things, and leaves the controversy to the rest of us, it's good to know he's still alive.

Even if barely.


Back On Line

Sprint came through.

yesterday's tech -- couldn't fix the problem [which was with their switching, at their end], wanted me to buy a new phone.

Manuel -- fixed the problem today in ten seconds [well, it took a while to get to the ten seconds ....], then advised "keep that phone as long as you can; it may only be good for phone calls, but it's great for phone calls."

As for johnny's complaints abut my battery -- once I bought a replacement battery, I've gotten such GOOD battery life, that i forget to recharge frequently. Sheer coincidence that you have hit me at bad times. And even when battery is "dead," phone doesn't cut off -- I just bail out.


Sunday, April 16, 2006

A Celebration

Leaving the law can be good for the soul ...

Oooooooooooh, I Love It So ...

Although I have large breasts [well, a large left one, the right is smaller], that doesn't stop me from loving baseball.

Three Idiots, 1979

yer wrong

There's nothing wrong with my cell phone, damn it . . .

Goddamned Sprint II

Well, after an hour spent on the line [and going off-line, w/ a borrowed landline to communicate], "david" of Sprint tech support suggests that my fone is "just too old to work." Ignore the fact that it worked on Thursday. Ignore that it calls out.

I am honked off. I was getting into my six-year-old retro phone.

I don't need a new one.

I'll try again tom'w.

Goddamned Sprint.

Goddamned Army.