Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A short video, for once.

They hosed Bill on the solo.

oooooh, no fairies.

Grab a little Blindfold

More of that ancient video, friends.

At least

Blindfold was shot by professionals and broadcast . . .

$10,379.15? $10,379.15!!?!? $10,379.15, Otis ??!?!?!??!

Hard to believe that (1) had I lived, and (2) had I maintained a constant intake [all available research suggests I would have increased massively, rather quickly, until death or dementia], I would have dropped an additional . . . well, you know the figure.

Has Cuervo declared bankruptcy? Has Ravenswood gone tits up?

Slim Pickin's

As I went through various Intentions videos, I looked for something where mister w was singing and sounded good, rather than something with him just yelling.

I came up short. . .

Herve Villachaize short, if you catch my drift.

whatever. you can't change the past.
or teach a rock to swim.

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Thank You On This Memorial Day

Thank you, to all of the men and women who have bravely served my country and defended my Constitution.

Pimping for Parker

A dab a Newmar'll Do Ya!

Query -- Adrienne, or Jamie?

Adrienne Barbeau, or Jamie Lynn Sigler?

We publish, you decide!

New Year's Day

and a little Broken Promise for the underserved:
there is no substitute for fresh air

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Thanks, Cheezygoof, for sending me to the dead rock star site . . .

Take the quiz:
Which Dead Rock Star Are You?

Richey Edwards
You are Richey James Edwards! You're a manic! You aren't too good when it comes to making music, but you're smart and can write well. You're honest and quiet, but different. You are beautiful! Oh, he disappeared in 1995 while on tour with his band Manic Street Preachers.

Quizzes by myYearbook.com -- the World's Biggest Yearbook!

Tastes Change

At the time, I hated U2, and didn't mind the Rolling Stones.

It was Bill's fault

Now I hate the Rolling Stones, and don't mi . . . well, I hate U2. But not with real hate.

Just taste hate.

L'il Annie Rogers was at that Bayou U2 show -- I went to see the Slickees, who opened. I walked out on U2.

TMB -- "Too Much Bono."

Getting ready for the Romantics.

They rawked.

I have huge nipples.

Me and Anna Nicole . . .

Hubbell mocks me
sorry about the lengthy trip down memory lane.

but the executive, legislative, and judicial branches are icched up, radio sucks, time is flying, and the 'Nats dropped a close one to the Broo . . . LA Dodgers.

And I'm straightening, thus going through stuff . . .

February '81

The Intentions at the SAE House, George Washington University.

I think we made some decent money. And, as you can see, we were happy because we slayed 'em.

When you're starting out, that makes a huge difference.

... when you've been at it a while, that makes a huge difference.

Diggin' His Chix

Lovely Flowering Vegetables

I find it so strange that I live for one flowering vegetable, broccoli, but despise another flowering vegetable, cauliflower.

Oh, yeah; if you wanna see more Reidy and the Intentions, Shakin' All Over is here and available.
and yes, I have faked orgasm . . .

Still Got Nerve? You can see Reidy and Abaad!!

If the other Intentions video didn't kill you, feel free to go here to see the Intentions, sans Bill, backing Michael reidy for a great old Razz song. Abaad Behram takes over temporarily for Bill. The audio quality is urine poor, but then, so am I . . .

Friday, May 26, 2006

"mad as thunder, wild like wind

fuck; I didn't write that.

Thank God . . .

Calling All Masochists!

For the curious, the masochistic, or especially the masochistically curious, you can go here and catch a short video of the Intentions.

It's the "old" Intentions from 1997, not the "young" Intentions from the 1980s . . .

not great video [although shot brilliantly by an Englishman], not great audio. Not a great band. But I like having sex with one of them.

And another Curly "W" goes in the books!!!!!!!!!!!

. . . I gues there is crying in baseball

That Jimmy Dugan was full of shit.

Frank continues to baffle me. He'll gladly show up a pitcher IN THE MIDDLE OF AN AT-BAT, or yank a pitcher WITH TWO OUTS, AND ONLY DOWN BY ONE, but he cries about yaking mister seven steals ....

I know, I know: Matt was trying out there.

Weather permitting, maybe I can catch one of the Dodgers matchups. Then, I will either cheer. Or cry.

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Mmmmm, Breasts

Wow -- I saw a great pair of tits today.

then I put on my shirt and went to work.

Mmmmm, Breasts

Wow -- I saw a great pair of tits today.

then I put on my shirt and went to work.

btw, avoid "college night"

i urge you, btw, to avoid "college night" at RFK.

you see, college students can get upper reserved outfield seats for only five bucks.

WELL -- the stands fill up with all of these college-age women, all dolled-up, usually wearing tight t-shirts and low slung jeans. prancing around flaunting their youth, vibrance, and sexuality.

why GOSH, it distracts from the game. . .

lee harvey patton goes down!!!!

last night, our brave and intrepid gang went out to do battle against lee harvey patton, the best pitcher of the last three years.

mike o'connur [said the non sequiter boy . . .] matched him pitch for pitch, giving up a mammoth homer, but avoiding the bone-headed balk.

then the boys jumped all over houston's bullpen!!!!! Lidge be damned!

then the Chief came in in a non-save situation to wrap up a BEAUTY of a win!!!!!

the photo of chief is for tomanonymous. . .

the following quote, reported on the Nats' official site, is from the whiny lee harvey patton:

"I had complete control of the game and two strikes on Soriano," Oswalt said. "I felt like I could get him to fish something outside of the zone. He did after I balked. I should have won that game, 1-0. I felt I had good enough stuff, where I could have kept them off base for two more innings and win, 1-0."

He did have complete control of the game, boy. DAMN is he a good pitcher.

beating him and his ILK felt great.

btw, we have an owner...

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I Apologize

btw, I apologize for how crappy this site is.

It was never any great shakes, but occasionally there was an interesting thought.

Nowadays, it's being used as a group e-mail with pictures.

Or a place that I mentally jerk off and ejaculate non sequiter after non sequiter, again accompanied by photographs.

I know, I know -- it has always been thus.

i blame Cheezy . . .

AnyOne Got This Yet?

I haven't taken the plunge. Even though I know I should.

And I know I shouldn't.

It's one of those "support the arts" v. "I won't listen to it" things . . .

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

For The Ladies

For all you women, looking for a little fantasy action!

A Label Is Born!

In my enthusiasm over the re-release of Turn Left at Greenland, I forgot to mention that a full slate of releases from Foldback records comes out today. There are Alice Despard re-releases, a Johnny Blair album, and President Foushee from the Simple Things.

Hoo---aa! Money well spent . . .

Monday, May 22, 2006

By the way, Foldback Records, a division of Wampus, have re-released "Turn left At Greenland," by the phenomenal Crowd Scene. You can buy it here.

Many of you loyal readers already have this amazing record, but if you don't -- you should.

It's a great record to make love by the fire to.

Parse that sentence, while you're at it!

One question -- what's with all the melody and harmonies?
And no B-3?!?!?

The Case of the Disappearing Weekend

WOW did that weekend go fast.

I would say it was gone "in the blink of an eye," but that interminible wait while the eyelid shutters the eyeball is nothing compared to this quick weekend.

And I was scheduled to have a four-day weekend in just a few days. Alas and alack, I shall instead be working my ass off.

And that's a FAT ASS, so you can imagine how much work it'll be!

But we beat those bastards two out of three, so I have some sweet satisfaction to see me through . . .

Saturday, May 20, 2006

A Chip Off Th . . .

Thank God I have a daughter who loves roller coasters . . .

Friday, May 19, 2006

I worry about the mother bridge . . .


So, no word yet -- was Verlaine enjoyed by America's Finest?

wow. I hate the Allman Brothers. . .

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Three Thums Up

Well, some strange Thums Up from me. I have no idea where I come out on these three movies. I enjoyed the experience of seeing all three. If I had to rank, I’d ask: why do I have to rank?

Here they are in alphabetical order: Art School Confidential, Brick, and Mission: Impossible 3.

Let’s start with the obvious – how and why have I even seen MI3? I hate Tom Cruise. I hate Hollywood blockbusters, I hate the Mission:Impossible franchise.

I saw it because: it started at the right time. I had no book to read while waiting two hours, I didn’t want to “shop,” and I felt like seeing a flick. This was my cherce.

As I explain below, it was a couple’a hours well-spent.

Art School Confidential – I enjoyed the experience, it was funny in a few places, it kept me going. But it’s probably not very good.

But when did that ever stop a “Thums Up”?

The good – in needling art school BS, it skewered a few prototypical wankers {“I’m not about the product, man, I’m about the process!”} who are really out there. I liked the young actor and the protagonist he crafted. And Jim Broadbent was genuinely scary as the rotten, aging, disappointed artist. But mostly? A naked broad. Yummy.

The bad – not enough naked broad, obvious broadsides to immobile, obvious targets, an occasionally-lethargic pace.

And not enough of the naked broad. Did I say that?

Brick – Not widely discussed, nor publicized. Not a lot of buzz. A film of intrigue set in a high school, involving high school students, with patently film noir dialogue and other patent noir references.

Good – the dialogue. Not for the “effect" of it, or the gimmick of it – it’s just a good neo-film noir. Although in colour on wretched film stock, IMHO, rather than B/W. Also, “Brains” – the archetypal character observing all and passing on info to our intrepid, grizzled hero. If you’re going to employ an obvious device, it’s great to make it work!

Bad – the dialogue. Unrelenting bitten, tough-guy exchanges that are both anachronistic and nearly campy are also, it turns out, tiring.

I found myself engaged in the movie just as a movie. I cared about our gumshoe, and whether he’d figure out what was going on in the dirty backwaters of . . . his high school. I cared about whether the villains would get him. I cared about who the real villain was. I cared about . . . the girl who was the victim. And the femme fatale was engaging; I didn’t know if she was good, or bad, but I cared.

And Mission: Impossible 3. There was a story. The telling of it took about six minutes of the two hours. The rest of the minutes were spent in action, action, action. But, by golly, it wasn't a bad story. It allowed popocorn and salt to be ingested while engaged in an amusement park ride.

Goddammit, that Tom Cruise guy is creepy! I’d like to say I hate him since his couch-jumping, or Lauer, but I’ve hated him since “Risky Business” [GOD DO I HATE THAT MOVIE!!!!]. Really find my stomach turning. But using him as a prop, and letting Ving Rhames and Philip Seymour Hoffman do what little acting is required, works nicely.

There were no naked broads. . .

Three Thums Up from your confused critic. . .

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

please answer in the comments section:

1) What film made you angry, either while watching it or in thinking about it afterward?

2) Favorite sidekick

3) One of your favorite movie lines

4) William Holden or Burt Lancaster?

5) Describe a perfect moment in a movie

6) Favorite John Ford movie

7) The inverse of a question from the last quiz: What film artist (director, actor, screenwriter, whatever) has the least–deserved good reputation, artistically speaking. And who would you replace him/her with on that pedestal?

8) Barbara Stanwyck or Ida Lupino?

9) Showgirls-- yes or no?

10) Most exotic or otherwise unusual place in which you ever saw a movie

11) Favorite Robert Altman movie

12) Best argument for allowing rock stars to participate in the making of movies

13) Describe a transcendent moment in a film (a moment when you realized a film that just seemed routine or merely interesting before had become become something much more)

14) Gina Gershon or Jennifer Tilly?

15) Favorite Frank Capra movie

16) The scene you most wish you could have witnessed being filmed

17) Robert Ryan or Richard Widmark?

18) Name a movie that inspired you to walk out before it was finished

19) Favorite political movie

20) Your favorite movie poster/one-sheet, or the one you’d most like to own

21) Jeff Bridges or Jeff Goldblum?

22) Favorite Ken Russell movie

23) Accepting the conventional wisdom that 1970-1975 marked a golden age of American filmmaking in which artistic ambition and popular acceptance were not mutually exclusive, what for you was this golden age’s high point? (Could be a movie, a trend, the emergence of a star, whatever)

24) Grace Kelly or Ava Gardner?

25) With total disregard for whether it would ever actually be considered, even in this age of movie recycling, what film exists that you feel might actually warrant a sequel, or would produce a sequel you’d actually be interested in seeing?

baseball in the cards

I think the DC-area blogfriends should consider convening at RFK to enjoy our boys of summer during the spring. . .

Cheezy, can you make it down from beautiful Canada? Because the Tigers are just not the best way to enjoy baseball!

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Foreshadowing -- Thums Up reviews are on their way

Liberty Above All

At least somebody was fucking listening . . . including this dude.

Craig Crawford understands that, if you send thousands of men and women to die fighting "for freedom," then protecting that freedom here, even at some risk to our personal safety, is a bargain that we thankfully made over two hundred years ago, and I pray we would make again.

Boosh swore to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States. Saving lives is crucial, but our bond, and our nation, is the liberty guaranteed by the living, breathing Constitution. Explaining that people's lives could be saved if we just steal away their rights is no explanation, or excuse, at all.

Freedom isn't the freedom to make a shitload of money -- it's freedom from our government. We fought a fucking revolution for it. Time for some strict interpretation. . .

Jesus Christ Did These Guys Rock!!!

I forget until something takes me back.

Too bad the recordings never quite captured them ...

Speaking of Late '70s Rockers

The Joke's On You!

Now, speaking of late '70s rockers, did anyone go see Tom verlaine on monday night? If so, how was he? How was the crowd?

I was with my niece and nephew, and missed it. Although that may have been good for both Verlaine and me . . .

Elvis At McDonough

Yes, we were that close!

More Rawk Photography!

click on photo to get closer . . .

The New Times Are Old

While electronically chatting today, I shared with someone my keen observation that I've spent the last eleven years of my professional life on "probation," with no job security and a constant threat of being laid off or fired. This despite celebrating twenty years at the same place [well, sort of -- the ol' place was shut down and merged into today's employer] as of this Thursday. With twenty-three years of doing what I do.

But it occurs to that it's always been thus -- "job security," except for the wealthy [who were routinely picked off] [and for just a few thusand years] has never existed for our species. Our parents, who got through the depression [okay; you younger folks had depression-era grandparents], implemented "job security" and worked like maniacs to create an environment where you worked a lifetime for your one employer, with mutual loyalty. In theory.

But the "change" to job insecurity is no change at all.

Oh; I gotta run -- they're delivering my "Overstater of the Obvious" Award as we speak . . .

Passing on Go-Gos

I am eschewing the Go-Gos, performing at the 9:30 tonight.

Their performance at the real 9:30, when "We Got the beat" was new and they were truer punks than ost of the DC skinheads [attitude if not music] just doesn't seem that long ago, and who wants to kill that mental picture?

But I do so reluctantly. A few years ago, I went to see the Bangles at new 9:30, on a reunion tour. Just went with a friend; expected to hate it.

That band FUCKING ROCKED!! To my great, great surprise.

So you never can tell where the rock shall be found . . .
Next time, I'll write in English rather than cryptic Dubster-ese

Boosh -- Transforming America One Right At A Time

I don't really know Davis Sweet -- maybe he's Matthew's brother -- but he has succinctly summed up my depression and sentiments.

To those I've argued with about Clinton's pissing on the First and Fourth Amendments, and about the need for an understanding of the subtle central role of the Second Amendment -- consider where we are now. You gotta fight these bastards all the time.

I like the historical hedge against encroachment and denigration of all of the guarantees of the bill of rights. And I've known all along that people would willingly give away their rights if some of us didn't stand up when they were taken away. And some bastards have figured out "hey, they'll let us take their rights away! they actually don't want them, and are kinda scared of them."

They'll be coming into your house next. . . Wait; they already do . . .

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Seriously -- quit fucking around!
Look around and appreciate how great life is . . .

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Happy Mothers' Day

Or. if you're possessive rather than celebratory,
Happy Mother's Day!

RawcQue Pheauteaus 4

"Michael Reidy Drops All Pretense..."

Rawque Photos 3

"I Knew I Shoulda Turned His Mic Off . . ."

Rawq Photos 2

Just A Chance -- special blur!

More Rawk Photography 1

Joey's Club Tour at the Bayou 1989

Friday, May 12, 2006

Deodorants, Marketing, and the American Male

So, this well-known maker of deoderants / anti-perspirants took its entire stock ofproducts, and slapped on the label "for women." It then introduced "New!" deoderants "FOR MEN" with manly scents.

AT the end of the day, these deodorants have utterly failed. The bacteria have begin doing their work. Men smell.

Have deodorant marketers learned that American men want to smell like goats?

This seems more pressing than unauthorized surveillance of American telephone calls . . .

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Another Attack on Freedom

George Will again has to take on a so-called Republican for disparaging and ignoring the Bill of Rights.

This time, it's John McCain, sanctimonious, self-righteous gadfly [combination coined by yers truly].

As many of you know, I have consistently opposed "campaign finance reform" as violative of the First Amendment, restricting the freedom of expression. Political expression. As implemented, McCain-Feingold was a horrific affront to the First Amendment, IMHO.

I fear that McCain's opinion on this -- that a "clean," "uncorrupt' government is more important than freedom of speech -- runs strongly in many advocates of campaign finance reform. Maybe I'm wrong. In any event, I didn't really bring this up to discuss campaign finance reform -- I wanted to bring out the disdain of our elected leaders for the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights -- which I hold to be the greatest virtue and the definition of "the American way of life" -- is just not important next to "national security," "clean government," or "[fill in the blank with your favourite legislator's greatest concern]."

Dirty fuckers.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

See Ya, Mike!

Bye bye. Enjoy yer jets. . .
Did you hear about the happy Roman?

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I could be wrong, but I don't think that John Lennon and Leslie N. ever performed together . . .
One wonders: the
greatest film of all time?

God, I wish I were at home playing with my caulk . . .

Oh, btw -- Gods. True Gods

These two guys [screw the Johnny-Come-Lately] are Gods. True Gods.

behind Don Rickles, of course. But gods . . .