Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Checks and Balances

On this national birthday, a short celebration -- a "shout out," as you kids say today -- of the attendees of the Constitutional Convention, rather than the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

It was very important to cast off the yoke of the tyrant king -- to remind the world that a peremptory, unresponsive executive was a bad man to be rejected.

The boys in Philly got that took care of right nice.

But when we held the convention, that was where we didn't explain what we were against, but stood up and said what we were for! We were for checks and balances; a trite phrase, but oh so right...

We were for enumerated powers; commerce was important, but it was no blank check, no matter what you bastards argue these days.

We were for an independent judiciary, with lifetime appointments.

We were for a House of responsive whack-jobs looking to make you feel good, and a slower-moving Senate looking to make your lives good.

And when the people balked, and said "uh uh; we're not satisfied," we were for

ten little amendments to what we originally crafted; a nifty little Bill of Rights to lock in certain areas where the government was not to intrude, nor to compel.

So as you celebrate "the Fourth of July," don't forget what we did years later, to really create this country.

ps- dblclick on the checks, and note the men drafting them...


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