Wednesday, July 12, 2006

I hate this fucker. . .


Anonymous Mister Parker said...

You know, I'm thinking the NL's loss in the All-Star game last night is going to hurt the Nats' chances come World Series time.

What's Bayh's position on this?

Wednesday, July 12, 2006 9:35:00 am  
Anonymous deeeeeeeeter said...

Because they don't have a team, his state wants him to vote to abolish baseball. He's going along. . .

Wednesday, July 12, 2006 10:59:00 am  
Anonymous Mister Parker said...

I'm going to say one more thing about Evan Bayh -- who quite frankly I'd never heard of two weeks ago -- and then I'm going to give it up because I've given myself only fifty-one more days to finish The Deuce and I'm working like crazy:

A politician is like a professional poker player in a high-stakes card game. He has a limited amount of capital and he has to play the cards he's dealt. Sometimes he'll slow-play, sometimes he'll bluff, but more often than not, he'll fold and he doesn't go all-in unless he thinks he's got damn good cards or he thinks the other guy is holding nothing. To me, for Evan Bayh to vote against the Flag Burning Amendment in an election year when there are already 34 votes against it, is like going all-in with a six and an eight -- unsuited. All he'd accomplish is getting his Republican opponent elected and putting the Democrats one seat farther away from taking back the Senate. It may not be a gutsy play, but if you follow the career of any successful politician, you're going to see him folding his losing hands.

The question is, what does Bayh do when he's holding pocket aces? But the Flag Burning Amendment isn't pocket aces.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006 6:30:00 pm  
Anonymous Juvenile Buffoon said...

Well, Beltran and Wright did everything they could do to win it and ensure their team home field in the WS, but Soriano and Hoffman blew it.


Thanks, guys.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006 9:39:00 pm  
Anonymous Juvenile Buffoon said...

I can't wait to hear what you guys have to sday about the following passage:

"Baseball loves its traditions, blindly so sometimes, like the one that says you can't bunt to break up a no-hitter. During Jim Abbott's no-no in 1993, the Cleveland Indians' Kenny Lofton squared to bunt in the ninth inning. Even though Lofton missed, the fans at Yankee Stadium nearly rioted. Maybe, just maybe, because Lofton didn't try bunting again, the Indians are in the history books, and not for a good reason."

Wednesday, July 12, 2006 11:24:00 pm  
Anonymous Mister Parker said...

Re: bunting to break-up a no-hitter.

This is one of those traditions that I've never really understood. Perhaps they should just agree that after seven no-hit innings, the batter has to go to the plate blindfolded.

It's the same sort of macho mano-a-mano crap that got Nolan Ryan beat in the deciding game of the 1980 NLCS. Pete Rose of the Phillies couldn't catch up to Ryan's fastball so after striking out yet again, he yelled "Why don't you throw me that curveball your so famous for." So with the bases loaded in a close game, Ryan throws Rose the curve with predictable results -- the Phillies win, the Astros lose.

Possibly more than any other sport, baseball players are little boys. They just wear bigger pants.

Thursday, July 13, 2006 8:41:00 am  
Anonymous dieter, who loves skeeter said...

I have never understood the "nu bunting" idea. I think Schilling, while in AZ, was flirting with a no-hitter broken up by a bunt.

I guess it's not "manly."

Douchenozzles. You try to break it up any goddamned way you can, in my book.

Although it's fine for the fans to boo; just not for the players to whine. If you can't defend against the bunt [with nobody on], then screw you.

When Mike Flanagan was wearing a knee brace while playing (after recovering from near-career-ending blown out knee and surgery), appearing in a game against some of his best friends in baseball, they bunted mercilessly against him, forcing him off the mound. THAT's manly -- make the effer prove he deserves to be there.

Thursday, July 13, 2006 8:57:00 am  
Anonymous Juvenile Buffoon said...

I agree with all of the above, but my real issue with the piece is that it was highly disingenuous in an effort to support the writer's premise: the reason Yankees fans almost ran Lofton out of the Stadium wasn't because of some alleged basebell etiquette -- I'd never heard of such a thing until the Schilling-Ben Davis incident in 2001 -- it was because Jim Abbott only had one hand!

Thursday, July 13, 2006 1:36:00 pm  
Anonymous dubster said...

How did he hold his porn??

I kid; I will be here all ze week.

Thursday, July 13, 2006 1:55:00 pm  
Anonymous Ed Kranepool said...

Thursday, July 13, 2006 9:56:00 pm  

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