Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Ouch; Don't Stop !

Thank you to mister parker and his fine bride, who were kind enough to treat me to a most-excellent ball game last night.

Work has been more than a little overwhelming lately, and I'd lost touch with my beloved Nats.

The first pitch to a National is depicted in the photo -- Matt Morris came right after Soriano. Boswell suggests it was a message intended to cool down the red-hot Soriano [and the slightly-heating Nats].

mister parker and I have seen a master use the beanball to shut a team down [Nolan Ryan carressing Mike Devereaux's back at 97+ mph] -- nobody did jackshit after that purpose pitch. But Morris ain't Ryan, and these Nats ain't those Os.

Last night, the Nats rallied around Soriano, who is clearly the team MVP and likely the MACP [most-appreciated-clubhouse-presence type guy]; they beat the snot out of Morris.

Anyway -- the "new" RFK is still the same RFK. But the folks are friendlier, the food is fresher, and the poon tang is sweeter. . .

Sorry; I had a Lynchburg moment there.

RFK is nicer. And the racing Presidents made my night!

You can watch a ballgame for three bucks.

Hell, I charge mnyself three bucks to stand up.

What the hell does that mean?

Anyway, if they'd decapitated the woman who sang the anthem, it woulda been nigh perfect.

I hope I see a few more of these sweeties.


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