Thursday, August 31, 2006

so is it unanimous that the blog Sandra The Cheezygoof is missed, and that we are correspondingly laugh-deficient?

Dr. Gabe's Summer Barley-Bean Salad

Summer Barley-Bean Salad

2 cups cooked barley
1 15-ounce can pink or kidney beans, drained
2 vine-ripened tomatoes, chopped
1 cucumber, chopped
2 stalks celery, chopped
1/4 cup chopped fresh basil leaves
1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
1/2 cup light or fat-free Italian dressing or Caesar dressing

Combine all ingredients and chill.

4-6 servings

Dubster skips the freakin' cucumber...

once again, I ask: when will they abandon this elaborate hoax?

R.I.P. Henry Ford

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

My Collegian, No. 3


My stylist has trimmed my pubic hair to resemble the Acropolis

What Keeps The Praying Mantits Out Of The Clubs?

Well, the name, obviously . . .

But I was asked by a pal and bandmate why -- you see, we had recently gone to see an atrocious act that was worse than we are when we switch instruments -- we didn't go play a few, occasional gigs.

My response:

Not sure I know the answer, but I can name the four obstacles [or should I say "four of the obstacles"?]:

(1) Pride

(2) Drummer

(2a) Laziness

(3) Democracy.

I should explain:

(1) Pride. We don't want to go out and be half-assed or suck; we actually know what it is to be good [even if we never were, or haven't been in forever], and we don't want to be bad.

(2) Drummer -- we don't have one. We like the good pal who plays with us, but when he can participate, he doesn't want to do the old material that we did. His eyes roll when most older songs are suggested. Which leads to --

(2a) Laziness. We don't seem to want to write new material. It may not be laziness; it may be writers' blocks, or busy-ness, or any of a million things. But we don't have new material, and we don't have the Quantity of new material we'd need to winnow some out and still have new stuff. Which we would want to do (winnow) in order to satisfy number one above.

(3) Democracy. Don't laugh at these words -- "artistic vision." Guitarist One has a different artistic vision from mine, and we both have different artistic visions from Guitarist Two. I shan't try to characterize what they are, but they are each different.

But we're also all three eager to make sure everybody's happy [thus ensuring no one is happy], so we defer. We don't push any artistic vision at all, even though there are at least a couple of strong ones there. So we make sure to let the other guy sing, and then let the other guy sing, and do a few covers in this style, and a few of this. . . . etc etc etc.

I don't want to just play bass; I wanna be the lead singer. I also want to write lyrics, and some of the music. But I also want to let Guitarist One sing lead, and write songs. And I want to let Guitarist Two sing lead, and write songs.

Why, I suspect we even diagree on the name of the operation!

And as for covers: nowadays, they bear no relationship to each other, and nothing is coherent. Thus Making it harder to be good, and easier to suck. Making it less fun. Making our drummer woe higher.

Drummer is surprisingly willing to work on new material. He likes building songs, and making something sound good. If we dealt with (3) and (2a), we'd probably be able to do something.

A five or six-song ep wouldn't be a bad idea either . . . But we'd have to build new songs.

These are my current thoughts on these topics. Check back with me in eighteen minutes and they'll be different.

I have a book of my new songs right here. I brought it to work today -- a coincidence. But I must deal with my economic situation right now, too, and that will be my priority, as I will risk everything otherwise. . .

I guess what it comes down to is: you actually have to work and take something very seriously to make it good.

You know, like poon . . .

funniest man alive

Three Hints To Better Time Management, and Happiness:

1. Distinguish betweeen what needs to be done, what needs to be done well and what is not really worth doing at all.

2. Allow enough time for the unexpected. Whatever time you extimate something will take, go back and increase your time estimate by 10%.

3. Take big tasks that seem overwhelming and break them down into smaller tasks that can be completed within a manageable period of time.

courtesy of Linda Sapadin, Ph.D., psychologist and author, as expressed on a online chat/discussion.

She Has Aged Well

Man, did I have a crush on this young woman. When she was a young woman. . .

Now, of course, I rise above it. You know, the crush thing. The whole woman thing, ya know, Evolution.
But she sure looks good to me.
Ya gotta love life, boy . . .

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

So, is this colored fella any good?

Dead Nearly Twenty Years

Keep On Cruisin'!

Another night, and the Nationals did not lose a game!!!!!!!!!

so how's the house tonight?

Monday, August 28, 2006

My Collegian, No. 2

with her little sister.

The FIRREA Boys . . .

My Collegian, No. 1

Thums Up - The Illusionist

It's beautiful, it's smart, it's funny. It's goood.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

We Mean It, Man. . .

"Hot" Broads I Don't Get #5

Cindy Crawford


Well, I feel more than a little piggish here.

But I'll dive in.

Celibacy notwithstanding,
Jennifer Love Hewitt has a great rack . . .

since Friday, Cheezy has announced that she doesn't want to continue her blog.

my laughs will diminish greatly.

I hope that she doesn't stop.


I've been considering my extended celibacy.

I have evolved.

I've transcended whisker biscuit . . .

Th Greatest Ball Of All Times

Hard Times

It must have been tough being Cary Grant.

You know, being a movie star and also being such a talented, yet seemingly-effortless actor. . .

Saturday, August 26, 2006

No One's Talkin' 'Bout You

What A Juvenile Buffoon

I Don't Get It

Man, I do not get carmen Electra at all. I just don't find her attractive . . .

Pythons Pierce The Torturer

Here is my rank ordering of my general sense of pleasure or connection with the Pythons boys.

It's not intended to rank skill, or briiliance, or say anybody's "better" -- it's just how I connect. What are your connections?

John Cleese
Michael Palin

Graham Chapman

Eric Idle
Terry Jones

Terry Gilliam

The Boys

courtesy of T. Sutpen at the Charlie Parker website . . .

Well, I say "courtesy" in the sense that I stole it from his site. But he once told me it was okay . . .
and Go To His Site!

Ashley and Hugh

So, I want you to fill me in -- are these attractive people?

This would be Ashley Judd and Hugh Jackman, by the way.

Just let me know, m'pals.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Black Market Baby, live at the Roxy

Thums Up -- Way Up!

Lü cao di ("Mongolian Ping Pong") is just a damned fine feature film. Damned fine.

Oh Joy of Joys

The Nationals did NOT lose a game last night!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Fire It, Lucy

I'm not quite sure why soccer [football] hasn't really caught on in this country. I have lotsa theories -- we love the 15-second bite, with lots of stupid verbiage and analysis. That's why American football is so popular -- there is as short burst of action followed by blathering. Soccer, like baseball, is about anticipation. And, unlike baseball, it's all about space where there is "no action" -- largely about what's happening away from the ball to set up the occasional lightning-quick strike.

I guess I dig it; I love watching World Cup, although it fell at a bad time for me this year.

Fire that ball, Lucy!

Nice To My Daughters

Brandi Chastain was very, very nice to Lucy and to Jaimie.

She was nice to everyone that she met.

Without being a saccharine, sappy dolt.

I liked her quite a bit.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Accursed Mullet

wearing my dead dad's shirt . . .


A lousy justice, but a great advocate.


The Circle Is Somehow Joined . . .

Blue Oyster Cult played my daughter's college [back when it was a college, and had not become a university] on September 14, 1972.

I just wish I dug them more . . .

72-09-14 Virginia Radford College I dug them more . . .

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

I Gotaa Get Me One 'a These