Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A Fun Site . . . for music lovers

I really enjoy Pandora. Their linked ideas of music are damned good, in my humble opinion.

Dead Man Talking

I found this article about heart scans very entertaining. Under the analysis provided, I'd probably be dead, or at least a helluva lot worse off than I am.

The article says that docs are recommending a 15-second scan that lets them focus their energies on chest-pain sufferers who have arterial blockage -- I guess they correctly note that the overwhelming majority of people having a heart attack or at risk of having chest pain go acute have plaque blocking their arteries. But not everybody; people like me, who have sub-myocardial arteries [our coronary arteries go through the muscle, which can contract a particular way and block flow, thus becoming self-exacerbating] or other weird non-plaque related problems [I also had an apparent arterial "wrinkle," akin to a migraine in the coronary artery] would apparently be discharged:

“ACS is rare without plaque, so MDCT results may quickly identify a group of patients that can safely be discharged,” said Udo Hoffmann, lead author of the study and assistant professor of radiology at Harvard Medical School, in a statement.

“It would be a big relief for patients to be quickly told that they don’t have anything wrong with their hearts and they can go home,” said Hoffman.

Something tells me they don't really just send folks home. . .

Soul Asylum Remembered

I remember the first time i saw Soul Asylum -- they were opening for Husker Du on the FYW tour, and I saw them at the old 9:30.

I remember thinking that Dave Pirner was the least-talented, asswipe-ee-est douchenozzle I'd encountered in a band with talent. I thought that Dan Murphy was the better singer, songwriter [although how I knew anyone wrote any songs seeing them live, I can't tell you], and I thought he was funnier. I thought he should be fronting the band.

This was before I heard "Sometime To Return."

I've sorta changed my mind.

Although I do remember driving around with Sue, shortly after we started going out, and telling her that I'd never heard "Runaway Train" all the way through, and would probably go through life being able to say that.

Many years down the road, it's still true . . .

Fit Club, Day 5

The problem with Fit Club, or more accurately my problem with Fit Club, is one of time. Despite being a geezer, I find that I've got quite a bit of energy.

In the past, I probably would have devoted that energy to chasing a skirt who would engage in sex with me, and whom I would then pursue to my ultimate detriment. But I digress. . . .

and, to digress again, I have carefully crafted a physique and lifestyle that reduce or eliminate the possibility of that happening! But back to our story . . .

I now find that I want to devote that energy to something other than Fit Club. I want to go see The Prestige, or LITTLE Children,or I want to shop with my daughter, or drop drum sticks repeatedly ["don't think; you'll only hurt the band"]. Anything but go work out.

I admire TomAnonymous, who has integrated the admittedly bored, boring workout into his daily life. He's used music, and/or TV, and/or resentment of fellow gym-rats, to energize himself. Cheezy seems also to have used resentment of fellow worker-outers to fire her obvious love of the gym.

I say "obvious" because she looks DAmned FINE in those pearls! But I digress again. . .

I need to follow my own advice and find some way to integrate working out in Fit Club into the social fabric of my life.


because this weekend was spent eating healthy food, and moving about [I park far away, i take stairs, blah blah blah], but it was also spent watching the sun set early and knowing my body wanted to hibernate and store fat for the winter.

And I'm all stored up through 2019. . .

The objectionable part of blogging, or at least an objectionable part of blogging, is the constant statement of the obvious.

Okay, that's a problem with ME blogging. . .

I know there's no great insight in this, or any other post, but I'm venting. Thank you.

Is that Don on the phone?

Monday, October 30, 2006

richard x. heyman is yet another member of the rage who couldn't sing!

hmmmm; I'm believing it

I never really thought that "penis envy" was anything but a creation of men to subjugate women.

But the number of women who have told me they wish they had a penis is, while not incalculable, quite high . . .

Every Once In A While

every once in a while I remember how much I cared, and how great the world was.

getting old isn't that bad, but it's definitely that different.

to sleep, perchance to dream . . .

rubadub dub

Sunday, October 29, 2006

i'm tired, andn it's been less than a day

Whaddya you guys think of "Marriage Savings Time," where you could turn the marriage [or at least a conversation] back by a given hour?

Or should it be a year?

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Popcorn works well

and apparently differently from Toast . . .

BDay Boy

Thums Down for The Prestige

High hopes, but not the highest expectations. Nevertheless, a disappointment all around.

Interesting, well-executed, but


and not well-paced, and

I figured out the big deal about an hour-and-thirteen-minutes before the climax!

I'm not gonna describe the 1979 flick as the Montross of movies -- "lean" is not a word I would use to describe it, or any film by FFC.

But Apocalypse Now was a tight, smart movie that didn't really include a lot that wasn't . . . vital.

Redux is some of the worst flab imaginable . . .

Friday, October 27, 2006

fuck the Cards.

It makes me happy that Gary Bennett, a Washington National at heart, won a World Series ring.

But the idea that Sidney Fucking Ponson will get a share, and may get a ring, makes me want to vomit . . .

Upcoming Shows!

RAWK -- Bobby Bare Jr., with Centro-Matic, at Rock and Roll Hotel on Nov. 14

Rustbuckit at the Sidebar in Baltimore on Saturday. That's tomorrow night! The Howling Mad [Reidy/Behram/Tull of (the) Razz] are there tonight.

If you can't make that Balteemore show with the buckit, remember their nov. gig at Red and the Black in DC . . .

Crowd Scene at the IPO in NYC on Nov. 12. The Baggott Inn, inn the Village . . .

Oh -- don't forget that the Howling Mad will play with Slickees later, if'n you wanna catch that show. As much as I wasn't impressed with their debut, the video I saw from 9:30 impressed me a lot. And, as I said, Rustbuckit rawked my sox off. . .

and the Hold Steady will be at Black Cat in late nov.

DANCE-- Bowen McCauley Dance will be giving you a goddamned FREEBIE, so ya can't miss it. Kennedy Center, for free, on Nov. 19. That's a Sunday at 6:00 pm, so how can you not be there?
The Alyce, fine ex-wife that she is, celebrated her birthday yesterday.

It surprises me that each year, no matter what I do, she remains older than me.

Tee hee

I believe that her collegiate daughter talked to her for about an hour.

modern communication is a wonderful thing.

Ya Gotta Be Wary

Ya gotta be wary of these nearly-universally-praised-little-semi-indie movies. They come along and take a swing at ya, and then you find out they blow.

That was not the case with Little Children.

A big, whopping Thums Up for this flick.

I found almost every performance to be just right. And, as many critics have noted, no one is an obvious, stereotypical, absolutely predictable character. They're more fully-formed, more closely human creatures.

If it weren't for certain reactions [as opposed to reaction shots], some of the actions would be so unlikely, if not preposterous, that it could sink a flick. But the characters to which things are happening -- the smaller roles -- make this flick.

I am mighty disappointed that Jennifer Connelly does not appear more often, and does not appear dishabille, but . . . Kwel Dome-Ahj

knock knock

So, in the hopes of prodding my friend Carol to either join in, delurk, or at least have a damned fine day, I offer the following:

Fit Club, Day Two

Well, Cheezy went and ct m'legs out from under me -- I was so looking forward to wearing double sweat bands. . . I bought four just to be sure!

yesterday saw the normal lunch of vegetarian split pea soup and broccoli [steamed, no butter], The evening meal was delightful beans. Physical activity was, sadly, at a minimum.

Today has The Hold Steady, Cheap Trick, and the records on an iPod "playlist to go" for a workout.

I will probably smoke and talk on the cellphone while I'm working out flopping around on the treadmill.

Actually, I eschew the treadmill -- I prefer the Exerbike, or a rowing machine. . .

When I do use the treadmill, I tend to increase my exertion by setting it at a high angle, but I don't set it at a rapid speed.

blah blah blah -- I wish thatJuvBuf lived nearby, as we could play squash, handball, or racquetball. I wish that Pana Muka Tapti played those games, and that we had easy access to a nearby court. And extra hours.

I wish that I weren't so tired when I got out near TomAnonymous, and that we could get an earlier jump on racquetball.

i wish the replacements had worked harder on Tim . . .

Thursday, October 26, 2006


I just don't get sploshing. I'm tolerant, I'm open, blah blah blah, but food and sex are distinct in the wiring of my brain. . .

I wish I Coulda Gotten The Name

I was listening to Will Durst, comic, on the radio yesterday morning.

He credited another comedian with a line; I didn't catch the other guy's name.

The line:

With that name, the guy might as well be named "Blackie Blackerson."

I was amused.

I'm Feeling Guilty As Well As Fat

Well -- I can see that I've hurt the country. By being fat, I'm contributing to our dependence on foreign oil.

So I'm going to do something about it.

I was going to lose 15% of my body weight [and trust me, that's a lot -- as you can tell], but that's both an arbitrary figure, and doesn't correspond to what I should be doing -- losing body fat.

Willie Nelson could burn my body fat in his biodiesel bus. But I digress.

Anyone who wants to join me in this patriotic effort -- we can establish some guidelines, some benchmarks, and report on our progress.

Bueller? Bueller? Anyone?

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Mats-O Ball Soup

order of pleasure

pleased to meet me

let it be



Sorry Ma

don't tell a soul


the shit hits the fans

all shook up

While I'm At It

order of pleasure [today]:

My Aim Is True

This Year's Model


Imperial Bedroom

Taking Liberties

Blood and Chocolate

Armed Forces

Get Happy

Brutal Youth

Almost Blue


Punch The Clock

King of America

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

order of pleasure

dark horse

33 1/3

living in the material world

all things must pass

cloud nine

order of pleasure

venus and mars

band on the run

over america

back to the egg


speed of sound

tug of war

flowers in the dirt


order of pleasure

goodnight vienna


the order has changed a lot over the years

order of pleasure

plastic ono band

rock and roll

walls and bridges

live peace in toronto

double fantasy

milk and honey


some time in new york city

mind games

order of pleasure


hard day's night

with the beatles

for sale

white album


please please me


rubber soul

let it be

abbey road

Politicians I'd Like To Ball, No. 10

so sue me; she works for me in a huge way!
btw, for those of you concerned about the future of the government enterprise:

my writing on the blog is largley in shorthand -- i don't actually write in coherent English.

I don't mind.

But don't think that I actually write this way, well, in person. . . .

That is a very "me-like" statement to make!

How far can you go before vim and vigour become hyperbole and hysteria?

I'm not really sure, but I don't think Keith Olbermann has gotten there yet.

The last month has seen some of the most biting, wicked, angry editorials against the Boosh Administration that I've ever heard -- but they're rooted in history and seem to be, IMinestimablyHO, spot-on.

I feel sorry for him that he's adopted "Good Night and Good Luck," although I understand why -- the comparison of time and fear of opposing is quite apt. But in this media-saturated time, he'll also be accused of trying to suck something from Murrow.

Anyway, visit msnbc.com; I think, or at least hope, that some of the editorials are viewable or readable.

Production Values Matter

Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip is almost certainly the preachiest, most sanctimonious network show I've ever seen [rivaling latter-day M*A*S*H].

Nevertheless, I can watch it because it looks so damned good, and is so damned well-acted . . .

It's smart sanctimony . . .

Monday, October 23, 2006

Reubenesque - fat, fat, fat

I Blame The Mainstream Media

Some people are concerned that Kenny Rogers is cheating . . .

Sunday, October 22, 2006

"I Had That In The Navy -- It Starts Out As A Rash! "

the greatest

by the way, that's Gid-La . . .


Camel Light



a natural progression

Thursday, October 19, 2006

oh, I forgot the title i read on MSNBC.com today [prompting me to check out the vids in Tony's]:

The Da Vinci Load.


Although I'm definitely no stranger to porn, I guess I hadn't kept up with the industry.

Walking through Tony's Newstand, I learned that the great authors in America are all working on titles for porn flicks.

I didn't think Intercourse With The Vampire was all that original, but my funny bone was struck by
Jackin the Beanstalk.

Smiley Skull

I know I'm weird and all, but

am I the only one who sees a weird smiley skull when I look at this kit?


It's critical for fat people to offer food and eating advice. It carries

[wait for it]

som much more weight.

Whole Grain Cooking, Courtesy of Good Food by Dr. Gabe and Diana Mirkin

Using A Steamer

If you are serious about healthy eating, Doc recommends getting an electric countertop steamer. This is by far the easiest, most convenient way to cook all of the whole grains. Look for one with at least an 8-cup capacity rice bucket and 75-minute timer. Countertop steamers come with instruction booklets with detailed information for cooking vegetables and seafood. Follow these instructions for cooking whole grains, using the times and amounts shown in the chart.

Fill the steamer base with water to the top line. (Do not use the drip tray.) Place the steamer basket on the base. Place the grains and bouillon (use amounts from the chart) in the rice bowl and set the rice bowl in the steamer basket. Cover, plug in, and set the timer. Let the grains sit for at least 20-30 minutes after the timer rings before removing the lid.You can let them sit for several hours if you prefer. This way you can let them cook while you sleep or go to work. Drain the grains in a colander if there is excess liquid.

For 2 1/2 cups
(1 pound)

Grains Amount of Bouillon Cooking Time

Wheat Berries 4 cups 75 Minutes
Kamut 4 cups 75 Minutes
Spelt 4 cups 75 Minutes
Rye 4 cups 75 Minutes
Triticate 4 cups 75 Minutes
Oat Groats 4 cups 75 Minutes
Barley 4 cups 75 Minutes
Brown Rice 4 cups 65-75 Minutes
Wild Rice (1/2 lb.) 4 cups 75 Minutes
Millet 4 cups 40 Minutes
Quinoa 4 cups 30 Minutes
Amaranth 4 cups 30 Minutes
Kasha (Buckwheat Groats) 4 cups 15-20 Minutes

Using The Stovetop

Any of the whole grains can be cooked in a pot just as you would cook white rice, but they take longer and will use more liquid. Use a medium-size pot with a tight-fitting lid. Bring the liquid to a boil in the pot, stir in the grains and return to boiling. Reduce the heat to low, cover the pot and simmer until the grains are tender and most of the water is absorbed. Drain off any excess liquid.

SToveTop Cooking
For 2 1/2 cups
(1 pound)

Grains Amount of Bouillon Cooking Time

Wheat Berries 6 cups 60 Minutes
Kamut 6 cups 60 Minutes
Spelt 6 cups 60 Minutes
Rye 6 cups 60 Minutes
Triticate 6 cups 60 Minutes
Oat Groats 6 cups 60 Minutes
Barley 6 cups 60 Minutes
Brown Rice 5 cups 45 Minutes
Wild Rice (1/2 lb.) 6 cups 60 Minutes
Millet 5 cups 20 Minutes
Quinoa 5 cups 15 Minutes
Amaranth 5 cups 20 Minutes
Kasha (Buckwheat Groats) 6 cups 15 Minutes

The Dubster is a huge fan of Kamut, which is . . . yummy.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

First Amendment Heroes

The hoary old bromide [redundant? Me? natch. . .] that "I may not agree with you, but I'll defend to the death your right . . ." etc etc. also applies to folks to admire.

He may be a scumbag, but he's a genuine First Amendment battler.

It's not a guy using the First Amendment as an excuse to sell five more photos of enhanced labia; he truly battles for unhindered access to information, unhindered distribution of information, and freedom to allow your neighbour to decide what he will or won't read or look at.

Hotel Newton

So, The Hotel Newton offers these great prices in Manhattan. And it's on the same block once possessed by his eminence, the Jestaplero.

I believe I shall try to stay there sometime soon.

Except Manhattan and I are no longer conducting our long love affair . . .

So, New?

I see that new accusations are flying in the McCartney divorce:

Sir Paul McCartney today reacted furiously to claims by his estranged wife that he attacked her during their stormy four-year marriage.

Heather Mills, 38, accuses him of being domineering, abusive and frequently drunk or high on drugs.

She says he was violent four times during furious rows in which he:

Stabbed her in the arm with a broken wine glass leaving her scarred.

Shoved her, sending her flying over a coffee table.

Grabbed her around the throat.

Pushed her into a bath while she was pregnant.

The allegations contained in 13 pages of leaked divorce papers were branded lies by the 64-year-old star.

"domineering, abusive and frequently drunk or high on drugs"?

I thought every husband or boyfriend had to put up with this stuff . . .

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Starlets I'd Like To Ball, No. 10

Donna Reed

The AntiChrist

Mmmmmmmmm, good!

Make one 'a these bad boys, add at least half a cup of your own cooked beans, some hot peppers, and




I know, I know -- as someone who hates pedal steel, lap steel, or the Man of Steel, I am a weird fellow to be so pleased by Drive-By Truckers. But A World of Hurt is a killer song that moves me, as does most of the album A Blessing and a Curse.

The Fender Rhodes and steel should turn my stomach, but they're done in a tasteful tasteless way, and I love that. These cats just rawk.

Headphoes are helping me dig them in a new way, as does shuffling music. . .

Thums Down On Sweet Dreams

I guessssss I can blame a certain Sheridan . . .

I went back to Almost Blue to revisit Elvis's treatment of some classic country songs. The standard Sweet Dreams, a particular fave of mine, had gone unheard and un-thought-of for years.

Awfully, awfully disappointing. I believe that Elvis Costello's interpretation and recording of My Funny Valentine is one of the finest recordings ever made, and THE definitive version of the song. Hands Down, IMeternallyHO. So I expected something special in Sweet dreams.

Sadly, I feel I got a recording that, production decisions aside, features a singer intent on "singing" brilliantly and infusing the song with a special energy. A recipe for disaster, IMeternallyHO.

Well, I've always got Paris. . .