Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Thums Up

R.I.P. Cary Grant, who died twenty years ago today . . .

Well, tomorrow I'll be playing against 499 other donkeys in a poker tournament in Atlantic City at the Borgata.

Wish me luck.

Lord knows there won't be any skill involved . . .

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Our Recipe of the Day

Cranberry-Wild Rice Salad
1 cup dried cranberries
4 cups cooked wild rice, chilled
1/4 cup finely chopped sweet onion
1 6-ounce can water chestnuts, drained and chopped
1 cup crushed pineapple, drained
1/2 cup chopped flat parsley
1/2 cup rice vinegar, or to taste
1/2 cup slivered almonds or other nuts of your choice

Combine all ingredients. If making ahead, add the nuts just before serving.

4-6 servings

Thanks to

The Time Has Arrived

It is time to stop perpetuating the overriding mistake of the Bush Adminsitration.

There is no way to undo the invasion of the country.

But we can stop discussing the issue in any fanciful terms, dependent on the imaginings of the administration.

This bunch forcefully stopped any planning, forcefully stopped any development of strategy or tactics to achieve what the President said he wanted.

as one supporter of the idea of the US military changing the face of the Middle East, but opponent of much the administration's decisions, has said -- once Saddam's statute toppled, Bush and his people were a giant deer in the headlights of Iraq and history, frozen without a plan and without an ability to even acknowledge basic truths about their mission, or the country they invaded.

These fucks tried to wage a war on the cheap. The one thing that you cannot do, and the one thing that their Secretary of State, in a previous life as a military leader, had forcefully rejected in defining and stating principles to be observed following our failures in Vietnam. They did not impose the rule of law, they did not kill obvious enemies to the effort, they did not effectively do much of anything.

It's too late to imagine a stable nation guided by an elected government. But, surprisingly, it is not too late to do some things.

It is crucial that the United States recognize and distinguish what has happened. the world must learn, and know, that Iraq was a political and diplomatic failure; it was not a military failure. The developed nations of the West have genuine enemies in the Middle East, and those enemies continue to fear the US military. That fear and respect is deserved, and must continue.

The US can prop up a shell of a nation for an indeterminate, lengthy time -- at the expense of countless more bodies, including american soldiers, and at the expense of any credibility. It is time to recognize that our continued presence is not to help the flowering democracy firmly plant its roots and grow, but to meet the few remaining achievable national goals. Which include killing a lot more people. It has the capacity to kill Sunni Ba'athists and Al Q members, and it has the capacity to kill Al Sadr and militiamen. The military should be unleashed to finally do so. it should then be withdrawn forthwith.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

[by the way, it's important -- conceptually -- to have a side project away from a "project" that doesn't exist. It's definitely within my ouevre . . .]

A Side Project

Black Puss will not be recording during this calendar year, but I am finishing drum and bass tracks for my side project, VD.

We are working on Soily a cover tune, and a chestnut from the archives, called "Who Needs You?" -- ful of vim and vigour.

Guitars and vox to be added by [hopefully] year's end.

The Hold Steady at the Black Cat

Okay. My feet wore out.

There were too many twenty-six-year-old make-out artists for my taste.

Siggarrettee smoke made me pained.

But, somehow, I saw a sold-out show of the hold Steady.

I saw Rock Greatness.

Unfortunately, they wore thin. I saw just a bit too much Rock Greatness, if you know what I mean.

They weren't too precious, they weren't too earnest. They were just . . . too.

But I still enjoyed my friends, enjoyed the rock, and enjoyed the night.

And GoDAMNIT did i think that Tad character got a great guitar sound!!!!!

The Compleat Python . . .

  • Sixteen Tons of Fun
  • can come your way for a mere $54.97, from Amazon. That's with shipping. . .

    For those who haven't yet purchased the complete Monty Python, this should just about do it for ya.

    How freakin' cheap is that????

    Saturday, November 25, 2006

    A Highlight

    This, by the way, really was the focus of my Thanksgiving meal. Asparagus with freshly-ground black pepper, and freshly-steamed broccoli with . . . . you got it!


    This collection seems to be at risk. . . marauders might break in and steal it all . . .

    Thank God They Keep It Under Guard

    Where's Lucy? -- Part 3

    a clue -- Martin Mull does not appear in this photo

    Where's Lucy? -- Part 2

    A New Game! --- Where's Lucy?

    Waldo wasn't available, so we had to devise a new game.

    Here is the Manhattan edition of Where's Lucy?

    Friday, November 24, 2006


    I just perked up when I heard the news announce "some malls offer shoppers escorts" but then I sadly realized they meant somebody would walk you and your packages to the car . . .

    THe Grand Old Dame

    New York City was as amazingly delightful and inviting -- nay, welcoming, [I just wanted to say "nay"] as a city could be.

    A glorious day.

    Here is Lobardi's pizzeria. You're looking at the coal-fired oven, built in 1905, as I see it.

    and the product. Well, what was left.

    It really doesn't get any better than this. 60 degrees, beautiful sunshine. Wow. . .

    black friday


    Thursday, November 23, 2006

    oh, thank god the christmas season has started . . .

    Wednesday, November 22, 2006

    deserved, but undistinguished?

    Justin Morneau won the AL MVP.

    I think, from what i read, that he deserved it.

    Justin Morneau could blow me, and I wouldn't know who he is.

    Pat Corrales has joined the Nats as bench Coach.

    they've got Pat Corrales and Jerry Morales.

    I hear a song coming on -- to be sung at RFK, loudly, by . . . well, me.

    Tuesday, November 21, 2006

    Oooooh, the baby Jesus

    It's sad that the Christ Child and I are not close, because I have determined that a delightful Christmas gift is out that there would make my life better:

    Ooooooh -- cufflinks!

    Fonzie can now buy
    pairs o' these suckers . . .

    He Gave Me A Cookie and I Went Away . . .

    Well, I've now corresponded with members of an up-and-coming young band, the Hold Steady.

    here is the exchange from yesterday:

    You bet, hockey puck!



    On Nov 20, 2006, at 2:13 PM, Muleboy, Mister wrote:

    Congratulations on meeting Don Rickles.

    I had believed you to be the greatest band of the decade – hell, of the millennium – but your proximity to Mr. Warmth himself seals it.

    The Hold Steady are the greatest.

    See you in DC on the 25th . . .

    I believe I can now enjoy all three of their fine records.

    Monday, November 20, 2006

    The Greatest Band of the Oughts . . .

    Well, if there was any doubt before, there is now no doubt -- The Hold Steady are the greatest band of this millenium . . .

    Picture of the Day

    Do you think he'll do hard time?

    zoom zoom zoom

    Fare Well, Fonzie!

    Having been away from blogging for a bit, it pleases me to report that Alfonso Soriano has signed a huge deal to play for the Cubs. To resign him in Washington would have been foolish -- we will lose quite well next year without him, and can sign a lot of young pitchers for that money -- but I now like the guy a ton, and only wish him well.

    About nine months ago, I screamed on these pages that the Nats were huge idiots, and that Soriano was exactly the wrong kind of guy for this team.

    i was wrong -- he's a good player, and a great clubhouse guy who made the team better, and was incredibly fun to watch play. He took his first-week-benching [for failing to run out a pop-up] like a man, and turned himself into the hardest-working player on the team. Having bitched about the move to the outfield, he made himself a serviceable outfielder with a gun. I hope he hits 60 HRs and gets thirty-five outfield assists . . .

    This, btw, is a sincere and legit smile, making his loss all the morepainful, but making me wish him well.

    Thursday, November 16, 2006


    Do you think the guys at Wayne State University use these in their seduction routines?

    I kid . . . I had to.

    A good Workout

    I should also mention that I consider myself very lucky -- despite my romantic interludes not "working out" [in the sense of creating enduring, lifetime cohabitational relationships, a common measure of "working out"], I have had relationships with very cool, amazing women. I'm sorry that there was pain involved in the changes in those relationships, and that I caused them pain and, at weak, stupid points in my life, hurt them deeply. But I view them very happily and am grateful.

    I can point to flaws in everyone I know, including these women -- hell, lots of people point to the flaws, including the women themselves. But I've learned a lot, and each [with the exception of Major Houlihan]did some incredible things, and taught me valuable lessons. I owe a lot to them.

    So here's to all the girls I've loved before . . .


    Wow -- I never knew an iPod could sound so good.

    I bought some very inexpensive headphones to step up from the crap that came with my iPod.

    Then i took one more step up, to merely inexpensive headphones [under $30, after rebate, with a telephone mic set-up as well].

    the sound is incredibly . . . better.
    I mean damned good.


    Popular Bands I Cannot Abide, No. 2


    R.I.P. Alex Soria

    While "reseraching" my last post [ha!], I sadly learned that Alex Soria, the amazing songwriter and leaders of the Nils, died over a year ago, having killed himself at age 39.

    A tribute of sorts is found in the big takeover.

    Being someone who has contemplated, planned, and come pretty damned close to killing myself, I can only imiagine how much he must have hurt. Depression can be a wearying, physical pain from which there's no [apparent] relief.

    I hope that he and the baby Jesus are jamming on taking Care of Business, and that I have just erred in my religious conclusions. . .

    A Nils compilation is available and is highly, highly recommended!

    One-Hit Wonders . . .

    I find it more than a little interesting that, of my five favourite bands*, two of them released but one full-length LP, and one of them released exactly zero full-length LPs.

    Since I don't really love music, could it be that I burn out on bands? If so, why haven't I burned out on bands that offer me just one great LP?

    * the bands that have given me the most pleasure, and have brought me the most excitement. . .

    Wednesday, November 15, 2006

    "A Regular-Army Clown . . . ."

    One of my romantic mistakes -- almost certainly my biggest romantic mistake -- has been compared by a friend to the lead character in the movie To Die For, portrayed by Nicole Kidman.

    It's an apt comparison, I'm sad to say.

    But I'm now thinking that another apt comparison is to Margaret Houlihan.

    A Regular Army Clown.

    She so wanted to be in with the folks who pull all of the antiauthoritarian stuff, but the heart of an unforgiving, judgmental, nearly-humourless librarian would leap out.

    And she critically viewed the immoral souls around her. She was an incredibly moral, upright, and virtuous woman.

    Except when she wasn't.

    ** Sigh ** I wish I'd killed myself. . . .


    I would like to fervently thank Ms. alfaro of the Division of motor vehicles, who restored my faith in the kindness of humanity, and who did a damned fine job even while being detailed and persnickety. Thank you.

    Tuesday, November 14, 2006

    take two


    Politicians I'd Like To Ball, No. 2

    Silda Spitzer.

    yeah, that's right, Juvenile Buffoon -- move over!

    Silda Swallower woulda been a great First Lady, too. . .
    I won't say that my lover was forward, but my nickname for her:

    The Jaws of Life.

    I kid . . .

    Rookie of the year


    I don't really know if Ryan Zimmerman got jobbed or not; I think not, but I didn't get to see a lot of the eventual winner [I think only went to three Marlins games this year].

    I know the voting was the closest it's been in twenty-some years, and i know that Ryan Zimmerman got a lot of votes. And he had a very exciting, fun, good year, where he showed some clutch-ness, and some leadership -- the wualities that i care more about, looking forward.

    God on High bless him, and keep him.

    He seems a good dude.

    Monday, November 13, 2006


    Being a contrarian, I would usually post a note about the glorious civil servants who work in our division of moto vehicles.

    Nah, not today; today, I will admit that I wanted to kick the shit out of a true, grade-a, No.-1 BITCH who had no discernable or appreciable reason to treat me as she did.

    Not knowing the BITCH in question, i can't testify that she had no earthly reason to act rudely -- she may have had some family trouble, or her foot had a hangnail.

    But there was no excuse for her behaviour. Bad, maybe. This? No way; no way.

    Journalists I'd Like To Ball, No. 1

    Robin Wright, Washington Post