Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Broads I Don't Want to Ball, No. 1

Here's a quick peek into broads that I sincerely don't want to ball. Today, tomorrow, or any day.

This list is depressingly long, now that i think about it.

A year-end roundup of the antiball next week . . .!

It's funny how tastes work -- I know that, to varying degress, these women are desired by countless men across this fine nation of ours.

The "I don't get it" factor is extraordinarily high for me -- either because I don't see it [Crawford; Simpson; Hi1. . . okay -- I now see that I really don't SEE it for any of these], or because the personality is so vile that they are rendered icky.

Simpson is a great qualifier in each category, although i think that paris Hilton is our clubhouse leader


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