Friday, December 08, 2006

Some Intentions That Don't Make Me Vomit

So I ran across what
may become my favourite Intentions recording.

It's a cassette from the mid-90s reunion tour era.

We weren't as tight as we were in the '80s, but we also werren't as UPtight.

Not yet fatasses, we weren't tightasses either. And everyone was probably at the height of instrumental skills -- Biff was Geezering, Tom and I had just gotten out of Geezering/Boyding, Phil had experienced Keith and Gene, and we had all of our years of playing w/ more players under our belts. Luckily, it's chock full of mistakes and strange singings and strange playings.

Three-fourths of us didn't give a shit.

Pleasure came before posterity.

I shall be publishing these soon. Here's the song list:

Little Zeros

Walkin’ On The Edge

Hey Bulldog

Hey Bulldog [alternate mix] – lower bass, higher gtrs . .

Schmoe [instr. Only]

Transistor [Aug. 7, 1996] [instr. Only]

Dismissed [instr. Only]

Fresh Cheese Death [instr. Only]

Hey Bulldog [excerpt]

Quit This Town [instr. Only] [wm. Solos] / Transistor on the route 66 [instr. Only] – what the fuck?

Of course, it meets my needs -- miscues to humanize it.

GOD what a human band !


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