Monday, December 18, 2006

Thums Up for The History Boys

I know that it's a stage play that's been blown up for the screen.

And damned if it doesn't have the pacing and feel of. . . a stage plays that's been blown up for the screen.

But it's funny, and insightful [about the human condition; the artifice of dealing with the "getting into OxBridge" theme barely impedes the flow of looking at the human condition].

and funny, and very well-acted.

Did I mention that it's funny?

Yet there isn't really a laugh-out-loud moment in the flick.

Well, maybe anytime the Headmaster opens his mouth. When he yells Fuck the Renaissance!!, I like to bust a gut. I reckon.

Did I mention that it's funny?

Richard Griffiths, as Hector, is amazing -- he's the most real thing about this staged play.

I didn't mind, as I find all these English characters to be stagy, even in real life.

Especially the axe-wielding ones, if you know whut I mean . . .

Did I say "stagy"? I meant "dodgy."

Photos by Fox Searchlight.


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