Wednesday, January 03, 2007

the body politic

Back in November and December 2004, I spent a lotta time wondering how it was, exactly, that the country had elected George W. Bush as President of the Republic. While quite confident in my beliefs, I recognize that – on a lot – I’m convinced only of the thing I last read in an op-ed piece. But I had been pretty convinced that GWB was a disaster, and that he was palpably crappy.

But I also didn’t think that the country was full of idiots. It’s fashionable, I think, to assume that anyone who disagrees with you about politics is stupid and evil, but I don’t think that the assumption is borne out. So there had to be something else going on.

Well, over the Xmas holiday, I spent quite a bit of time with someone who, I am sure, voted for GWB. I offer a few observations about that broad and her politics.

She voted for GWB largely to vote against Bill Clinton. And Hillary Clinton.

The fact that these two people were not running was largely immaterial to her.

She is preoccupied with Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton. She hates them. And her preoccupation, like any obsession, is a bit sad, and more than a bit entertaining. In an odd moment, she might well admit this.

Targeted mail is sent to her often to play on her fear of Hillary Clinton. Hillary’s decoration of the White House Christmas Tree with condoms is an oft-repeated story.

She no longer sends any money to Republicans soliciting help and support, as she finds them to be rather gross and essentially just as bad as the Democrats [except for Hillary and Bill Clinton].

She thinks that the war in Iraq was stupid and should not be mismanaged any more. She would rather “Do something” and go over there and fight them than fight them here.

At 83 ½ - years-old, I find it unlikely she’ll be fighting anyone anywhere, unless you count her daughter, who treats her like shit. I’d back the old broad in a face-to-face throwdown . . .

sorry -- I digress. . . .

She sifts through the news, but is ill-informed.

Her jaw fell when she learned that the Republican Congress and the President had pushed through a bill authorizing the limitation of writs of habeus corpus by the President.

She fully understood it. She just didn’t believe it. When assured that it was true, she looked as pained and saddened as most anyone I can remember who had not suffered bodily injury.

She “just c[ould]n’t believe it. . . . .”

She found it outrageous. When it was offered that the president might use it wisely, or for good, she shook her head and angrily said “you can’t trust them to do that!”

I then assured her that Hillary Clinton would use such power wisely.

She got mad ‘til she realized I was yanking her chain.
She seems pretty upset about the presidency, now. I don’t think she’s thinking only of Hillary Clinton.


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now that's comedy son!!~~

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