Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Effective Use of the Internets . . .

I am a subscriber to a mailing list devoted to beginners’ understanding of the Scottish Gaelic language.

One unintended subscriber, a user of “Rogers.com” [a Canadian Communications giant], seemed to want to halt his receipt of e-mails. I enjoyed his persuasiveness in these successive messages:


Fuck off ...get me off this bulk email shit.

Never asked for it, never subscribed to it... your all a bunch of wankers.

In fact, the only good Scotsman is a dead one.


Go stick your bagpipes up your greased up arse hole.

Robbie fucking Burns is a flaming homo, so go fuck your haggis.

Hadrian had the right idea, building a wall to keep you faggots out.


Scotland is the asshole of the world.


The word "Scotsman" is a contradiction in terms.

Should be "Scots-no-dicks-man"


Why do Scotsmen fuck sheep?

Have you seen Scotswomen?


Gaelic is a language for inbred cocksucking, ass reaming, shit stabbing



Email me again and I will set fire to that shithole of a country called



Last one.

Piss off.



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