Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Preparing For the Post-War World. . .

I am glad that someone, namely David Ignatius, finally got around to voicing a strong suggestion that I've been wanting to offer the powers that be [if only they'd listen to me]: start preparing for the worst. I think these guys and gals up in the Senate, in the House, in the White House, and in the pentagon have got to spend a little less time posturing, worrying about blame, and [inevitably] focusing on political outcomes, because this really will be a crucial matter of national security; it indeed is. Every time one 'a these bastardos explains that "this is the issue of our time," and "that it is crucial that we address this all-important issue," I want to bang heads -- addressing the issue is crucial, not announcing the critical nature of the problem.

The latest National Intelligence Estimate is grim. We accept that it will be bad no matter what happens; we have choices of bad outcomes. It's time to make those choices.

I'm not qualified to make them, but I like Ignatius's thoughts, and I think he at least keeps the bastards focused.

God Bless America. Now let's go do the best that we can.


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