Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Thums Up for Factory Girl

It is self-consciously self-conscious, and it struggles at times to give weight to someone who was weightless, but
Factory Girl still gets a Thums-Up! from this dead critic.

The acting seems uniformly good. Christian as Dylan makes me want to vomit, until watching him as this strange vessel [Dylan] is wholly captivating, making me forget that this bad actor [probably inaccurate] is portraying a character in a film.

Dylan is a strange empty suit in real life [at least as he exposes himself], so this isn't really a disconcerting portrayal.

I coulda used a mot more nudity from Sienna Miller, but that would be quibbling.

Deserved quibbling, mind you. But that would be beneath me.

by the way, I also have a new favourite actor.


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